Get Freighted can break down the process when it comes to sending wine samples internationally.

Easy when you know how

Shipping wine samples overseas is often considered a complicated process.  Each country has specific customs requirements, and governments often require permits and detailed information to clear alcohol through customs.  If you’re not aware of what is needed, the process can be challenging to navigate.  However, not so when you use the services of Get Freighted’s courier serviceGet Freighted specialise in freight and providing accurate and up-to-date information on sending your wine or alcohol samples internationally.

Get Freighted’s courier service is straightforward to use.  We’ve designed a booking system that makes it easy for you to navigate and process the relevant paperwork for shipping your wine samples overseas.  Our booking system makes creating and processing the required paperwork a breeze.  The advantage of choosing us as your freight forwarder is that you will have access to a Support Team to guide you on what you need to freight your wine samples successfully; you have control to process the booking with our guidance.  With a click of a button, our system automates a courier collection.  You don’t need to leave your home or office; your shipment will be picked up from your door and delivered to your receiver’s door. 


Get Freighted has a dedicated team of professional sales and customer service staff specializing in sending wine samples internationally.  With over 35 years of experience in the freight business, Get Freighted’s courier service will provide you with accurate information on how to send your wine samples overseas.  This service includes country-specific requirements and up-to-date information on how customs clear your sample shipments.  There’s no guesswork when you use the courier services of Get Freighted, we give you the correct information to ensure your wine is cleared through customs smoothly and then delivered to your receiver’s door.


Often when you’re sending wine samples, Get Freighted understand that your wine needs to be delivered quickly.  Fast and reliable courier services are a stand-out feature for Get Freighted. Our service is all air freight, and delivery to most CBDs worldwide is within a week.  Your wine shipment is fully trackable and traceable, and you can track your shipment from pickup to delivery.

When you use Get Freighted, we also provide you with quality, secure wine packaging suitable for sending your wine safely and securely internationally. Order packaging from our website, and we’ll deliver it to your home, Cellar Door, or office.

Get Freighted is confident that we are the best in the business.  With both our competitive rates and the high level of customer service we provide, you’ll be coming back to use our courier service again and again.

Get Freighted are specialists in sending wine and, in particular,  delivering wine samples overseas.  With over 750 wineries across Australia trusting us to deliver their wine samples internationally, you can have confidence in our service to you. 

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