Get Freighted offer a fast and reliable freight shipping solution to the UK. We currently service over 500 wineries across Australia with both commercial samples and private shipments. Not only can we send your wine internationally, but we freight a variety of products from almost every industry including documents.

What sets us apart from the competition when sending shipments to the UK is our attention to detail, informative updates and superior personalised customer service. Customs requirements, Support documentation, accurate shipping documents will be some of the many benefits you get from using Get Freighted as your air forwarding service of choice. 2021 BREXIT also re invented the wheel with the way that VAT is charged to client and Get Freighted are here to help you understand what’s required.

Complying with UK Customs

There are a few things to remember when sending your shipments to the UK via an international courier service.

  1. Knowing your quantity limits for your products
  2. If licences are required
  3. Who is paying for the duties and taxes?
  4. Requirements for a purchase vs samples or a gift.

Get Freighted have a wealth of information at hand to help make things easy.

Our online freight booking portal provides accurate shipping documents

We have designed a booking portal that caters itself to your products and allows you to enter all the necessary information for a smooth and fuss free shipping experience. You can also print them directly from our booking portal, or simply download and send them overseas if you are importing products. We’ve got you covered!

BREXIT and how VAT is charged

Some changes took effect in January 2021, targeted mainly at shipments being sold to individuals worth up to $135₤ (Approx. $250 AUD) Get Freighted had to adjust their communications so that all clients were aware of anything they had to do differently. Primarily this meant asking our clients had to ask clients for a VAT Number to declare on their commercial invoice. Samples and Gifts exempt from this criterion. If you are interested in sending to the UK and finding out more about our international courier service, or want to be kept in the loop about these types of important updates, please register on our website