When looking for an efficient way to send documentation overseas, traditional and mainstream mail providers like Australia Post aren’t your best option. Get Freighted will provide you with a fast, efficient, and trackable international courier service at a very reasonable rate. Our team promises excellent customer service and support to our clientsWhen you contact Get Freighted, you speak to real people, not a recording, and we won’t leave you on hold.

When sending documentation overseas, Australia Post is often the first thought.  Sending documents via mail is not the best or cheapest option.  By choosing a superior international courier service like Get Freighted, you can rest assured your documentation will be delivered fast and efficiently, at a very reasonable price.

Real time Tracking

Get Freighted offers a door-to-door service that is fully trackable and traceable.  Our courier service is superior to traditional mail service, where parcels are no longer tracked or traced once they leave Australia.  When using Get Freighted’s international courier service, you can track and trace from when the courier driver collects your package until the delivery is complete.  Simply login to our booking portal for live updates of your shipment location.

Proof of delivery and security

Our service also includes Proof of Delivery.  The door-to-door service of Get Freighted means that your receiver, or someone at the address of the receiver, will sign when the shipment is delivered, ensuring that you will have proof of delivery. Get Freighted also understand that sensitive documents require a courier service operating on a secure network with high visibility. This we can certainly promise you.

Fast and Efficient

Get Freighted is fast, efficient, and a very easy service to use.  No more standing in a queue at the post office waiting to be served.  Our booking portal is conveniently open 24/7 and available for you to lodge your shipment for pickup and print your paperwork when it suits you. A courier driver will arrive to collect your shipment from your door during the time frame you select.   High-Quality A4 satchels are provided to you free of charge to ensure your documentation is delivered in pristine condition. Order packaging from our website, and we’ll quickly have it to your home, cellar door, or office.

For a fast, efficient, reasonably priced, superior international courier service, choose Get Freighted

For a quote or more information about Get Freighted, please visit our website www.getfreighted.com.au