Australian businesses can now order from overseas with the click of a button. Whether you need to order from an overseas supplier or sample a product, Get Freighted can help you establish a process and provide ongoing support on integrating an International Courier Service into your business. The top 3 reasons why you should use Get Freighted to import your products are:

  1. Competitive direct courier Rates
  2. Reliable Network
  3. Easy to use booking system

Competitive direct courier Rates

Get Freighted provide highly competitive rates, paired with a personalised customer service experience. You can request a freight quote from our website and we will get back to you swiftly with a price and answer any questions you may have. Comparing our rates with other direct courier services will leave you impressed considering our high level of customer service and expertise with import related queries.

Reliable Shipping Network

We use only the best reliable network and our team at Get Freighted are always here to assist. Our network provides real time tracking and detailed checkpoint information to assist with monitoring your shipments from collection to delivery. Our Air forwarding freight carrier also ensures a timely delivery with most global destinations covered between 3-7 businesses days.

There are sometimes risks involved with importing and you can rely on Get Freighted for information on your products compliance with Australian Customs requirements, if you need any additional documentation and an end-to-end solution that gives you peace of mind.

Easy to use booking system

Get Freighted’s highly intuitive booking system provides you with a very user-friendly experience. Get Freighted have designed it to cater to Australian customs requirements and allows you to print your shipping documents, track your shipments and access your history and address book all from the one place.

Let Get Freighted take care of your import from start to finish, and take the hassle out of managing international communications. Please Contact us for more details on getting started.