All you need to do is contact Get Freighted. We can send your shipment to the EU fuss free! With over 35 yrs combined experience in air freight, we will put your mind at ease with our international courier service. Our International carrier works closely with us to support your business readiness and to ensure a smooth transition through the 2021 EU Regulatory Changes.

Some factors to consider when sending shipments to Europe include:

  1. Knowing the rules about what you are shipping
  2. Gathering helpful information prior to shipping  
  3. Duties and taxes in EU

Knowing the rules about what you are shipping

The rules from country to country in Europe will vary. Quantity limits for personal shipments may be different for those being sent as samples to a registered business. The type of product you send may also require the involvement of quarantine at destination and additional handling time. Get Freighted can help guide you through all of these types of questions before you send anything. Our wealth of knowledge with also provide you with access to supporting documentation. For example, if you are sending a gift to Italy, personal declaration forms are required and we can give you access to that level of detail.

Gathering helpful information prior to shipping

Get Freighted provides you with all the knowledge you need for sending overseas via direct courier.

We can help you locate tariff codes on your products, work out if your receive needs to hold a licence or if they need an EORI registration number. Another important element of obtaining this information is how to properly display this information on your shipping documentation to avoid any hiccups with customs overseas. Get Freighted take away all those worries, and simplify the process of air forwarding and international courier service.

Duties and taxes in Europe

Each country has their own rates for Duty, VAT and other types of levies. Examples of levies could include Excise or Alcohol Tax for alcohol, Quarantine inspection fees, 3rd party brokers etc. As you can now see they will vary from product to product, and county to country. Get Freighted will have the answers for you. We will also be able to give you the indication of whats expect and a rough idea on what your receiver is likely to pay to customs. If you are sending a gift or a sample, we have a process in place for absorbing those charges from this end. For a fuss free delivery

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