COVID-19, The most googled and discussed topic of 2020-2021. The media has advised us of extreme lockdowns around the world, business closure and general hysteria around COVID-19. Its important to remember that Get Freighted use a network which has sustained our reliable International courier service throughout this pandemic and continues to operate with minimal disruption to our service.

We use a carrier with well established and trusted global airline relationships. Although air forwarding remains the predominant means of transporting goods around the world for most businesses, there are a few things to consider given the COVID-19 Impacts. Regular but less frequent flight connections to some destinations, Government and local conditions at shipping and receiving destinations and lastly the nature of your products.

Regular but less frequent air freight flight connections to some Countries

Although COVID is still active in many countries, please rest assured that Get Freighted are still delivering your freight all over the world.  There can be shipping delays, but generally most shipments are only being held up by 2 to 3 days.  This is due to limited flights and spasmodic shortages of staff in depots due to lockdowns.  On and off we’re notified that a country is having serious issues, but mostly freight is moving very efficiently.  However please feel free to contact us should you have any questions about this.

Local government and pandemic conditions

Its important to note that the situation at your destination country may affect your transit time and your clients ability to receive their shipment.  For example, if you’re sending a corporate gift or sample to an international distributor and their office is closed due to pandemic related lockdowns, the shipment will receiver a Closed On Arrival scan and be held at the nearest delivery depot. The great news is that Get Freighted’s service gives you the flexibility to redirect to another business or private address.

What type of products cant I send via Air Forwarding?

Personal protective equipment (PPE) and medical supplies are the top of the list. During these COVID-19 Times all destinations are monitoring the export of much needed supplies and equipment within their own country. For an accurate list of what you can export please visit the Australian Border Force website and under Prohibited goods you can find the COVID-19 Related restrictions. Items like hand sanitiser, disposable gloves and disposable face masks would all fall into this category.

If ever in doubt about what type of products you can or cant export/import, please contact Get Freighted directly. For more information, please feel free to visit our website