In this Get Freighted Post, we will discuss all the various benefits of Air Freight above other modes of transporting your goods in todays modern world. As your needs with all differ, its important to chose a courier service that best suits your business needs, deadlines, budgets and convenience.

Lets firstly discuss the 2 different types of International direct courier services available to Australian businesses and consumers. Air Freight and Sea Freight. Air freight is where Get Freighted focus all of our core business because we have a high demand of clients who frequently send us freight quotes requests for a Fast and timely service to meet their deadlines. Sea freight isn’t an area we specialise in and is more suited to a linked distribution system. This is because Sea Freight alone, only provides the initial step of exporting and moving your goods. They still need to be cleared at the port and then move to a warehouse, where they will then be assigned a domestic courier to finalise the delivery. Sea freight also usually consolidates multiple shipments from various different companies who want to participate in this type of export/import and you are relying on everyone’s collaborative participation. If you’re on a deadline, this isn’t the option for you or your business.

Air Forwarding Benefits with Get Freighted

Get Freighted provide and end to end solution. So that’s going to cover the pickup, dispatch, export, various air port processes, customs, and then final delivery. This is going to save you a lot of time, money and effort. If you had to employ a separate company to help you though these various stages, youd be hiring a sea freight forwarder, a customs broker and a domestic delivery agent. Why go to that hassle?, when Get Freighted handle the entire transaction and in record time!

What are your business freight needs?

  • Perhaps you are sending fragile or time sensitive products.
  • Your end destination address may be hard to get to or in a remote part of the world
  • You want to keep you costs down, but also ensure a fast and efficient delivery

Whatever they may be, Get Freighted can provide a service that meets all of your freight needs.

Convenience of Get Freighted as your International courier service

Get Freighted’s user friendly booking system allows you to handle the entire process with the click of a button. Using your secure login you are able to create the shipment documents, book a courier and track all from the one place. Our friendly and helpful team are also monitoring your shipment once its been booked in so we will be able to contact you if required along the way.

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